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About Appo

Appo was born into a musical family and as such was always going to live out his life in music, playing many musical instruments his passion is within soulful music and electronica.

A full time musical provider,composer, technical music adviser,  live and studio remixer.

His working career started in the mid 80’s and was a driving force of the early Electro, hip hop , acid and house music movements in the North East of England. With this he held residencies in clubs such as Blaises, Havana, Henry’s, Faulkners, The Mall, and the now infamous super-club “Sugar Shack”.

As well as guest performances he now holds residencies at “Canteen & Cocktails” & Dovecot Bar

He was crowned North East DMC mixing champing back in the early 90’s ¬†with his monumental live remixes of David Bowie and Marvin Gaye.


Hopefully this site will keep you in touch with past and current projects, dates of performances, links to purchase his remixes and also a porthole for DJ and musical bookings.


Enjoy your stay.

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