About “Appo”

Appo was born into a very musical family, and as such it was always going to be that he would tread the boards in the musical world. His brother was a serious soul head and mobile DJ and when he took ill one evening, “young Appo” filled his space, aged 7 !

Appo senior, a master of guitar, played the North of England in various bands, young Appo joined him when he found his chosen instrument, keys.

Growing up with the advances of technology saw Appo get heavily involved with synthesisers and computers, early influences included Jarre, Human League, Howard Jones, Rick Wakeman, Tangerine Dream, Herbie Hancock to name but a few.

Early 80’s and Electro hit the UK, and whilst his pals hit the lino, Appo hit the decks, (early tape decks where the norm with batteries sourced from roadwork lanterns 😉 ) Travelling to various local youth clubs/YMCA and taking his sounds and records with him. When he wasn’t playing, he would tag along with his brother to various soul nights and dance his little ass off.

Most weekends were spent travelling across the UK to various electro events and record stores, He was hooked !

By the age of 12 Appo was already working the clubs, Initially an under 18’s night at a local club “Blaises”

Appo’s early DJ days where spent working local bars and clubs with the transition and fusion of Soul, jazz funk, Disco, electro and early House Music. He competed in the DMC mixing championships and reached great competition results with his early turntablism’ and mash ups.

When Appo isn’t working as a DJ he can be found in his recording studio creating original material as well as remixes with support from the likes of Greg Wilson, Fingerman Edit, Jon Sa trinxa, JoManji…..

Appo has held residencies at pioneering clubs such as “Club Havana” – “Sugar Shack” – “Middlesbrough Empire” – “Blaises” – “Bar Fresco” – “Eclipse” – “Henrys” – “Faulkner’s” – “Charlie Parkers” – “Harland Place” – “Canteen and Cocktails” – “Tipsy Cow” – “Twisted Lip” and as a guest travelled extensively the UK and Globaly performing to 1000’s of people over the years. Having supported the likes of 808 State – Roger Sanchez, Master at work, Louie Vega, Kenny dope Gonzalez, D:ream, Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox, Dj Sneak, Paul Van Dyk, Dimitri, Trevor Nelson, Norman Jay, Judge Jules, Jeremy Healy, Lisa Loud, Brandon Bloc , Alex P…..the list goes on….

Appo was also the DJ to launch Windows 10 for Microsoft in London upon its global release date as well as perform exclusively in Cologne for Microsoft on the launch of their latest X-Box.

Performed at the Muscat festival in Oman was another highlight.

Some Dj’s claim to have been there, done that and got the T-Shirt to prove it, Appo finds it hard to remember everything he’s done, however he can remember printing the T-Shirts !

So 45+ years later and his passion for music is still very much apparent, he continues to entertain at select bars/clubs/events/festivals and now bringing his magic to smaller and intimate gigs with his personal bookings.